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If there is anything that we would like to say to you, it is that we are forever grateful to Allah (SWT) ﷲسبحانه و تعالى for allowing us to cross paths. We are extremely excited and can’t wait to embark on a new chapter of our lives as husband and wife.  

So much has happened from the time we met, from being colleagues to friends to being lifetime partners. Although we enjoy being with each other pursuing our common interests, we are firm believers of pursuing interests of our own too! Sha, though a born Muslim, saw her faith in a different light when she met Herald, also now known as Muhammad Ferdaus. Meanwhile, Herald a born Catholic, saw the beauty of the Deen after he met Sha. Blessed to have received His hidayah هداية (guidance), he embraced Islam ten months later. Two and a half years later, we made the decision to tie the knot. 

With everything in life, good things always come with its own set of challenges and our relationship was not spared from it. Alhamdulillah الحَمْد لله (All praises to Allah), for His blessings and mercy that we have been able to face these challenges and overcome them together, thus far. 

Thank you for wanting to share this journey with us, and we humbly ask you to make dua’ دُعَاء (supplication) for us as how we will keep all of you in ours. 

Wedding - The Proposal

We were both on an Islamic educational tour in Spain that year. Not known to Sha, Herald had been planning this proposal the year before. On the 2nd of December 2015, he got down on one bended knee in the Court of the Lions at the Alhambra Palace to propose. It was one of the best memories we’ll hold dear to our hearts. 

Prior to proposing, Herald was unsure whether he should proceed with the proposal as Sha was down with food poisoning since Day 1 landing in Madrid. By Allah (SWT) ﷲسبحانه و تعالى Grace, Sha was feeling much better that day, and with the help of folks we now call close friends, it was a successful one!

We will be eternally grateful for the people who made this all possible. 

Alhamdulliah  الحَمْد لله

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 178 Days later…


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Wedding - The Solemnization

So the day we’ve been waiting for finally arrived! We haven’t seen each other for the past month as we’ve decided to take some personal space to contemplate and self-reflect before embarking on this new journey together.

We love experiencing life together, some of our common interests would be seeking knowledge in Islam, travel the world and watching movies but we are also firm believers of being unique to ourselves and staying true to our own identity. That meant that we would take some time to be alone and do things that we enjoy. In case you’re wondering, Herald is into creative arts such as photography, film-making, graphic designing and website development. He also loves working out regularly at the fitness corner or a nearby gym. Sha on the other hand, loves practising yoga, preparing clean and healthy meals and immensely enjoys doing anything and everything that advocates a healthy lifestyle.

Us being together meant where Sha lacks, Herald complements and vice versa.

On this very day, we make dua’ دُعَاء that all will go smoothly, with His blessings, In shaa Allah ان شاء الله .

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The Solemnization (Akad Nikah) is an Islamic requirement when a Muslim man and a woman would like to enter into a marriage. A Wali, also known as an authorised representative, i.e, the bride’s father, a male sibling or an uncle is required to be present in order for the solemnization to take place, without which, the event cannot proceed further. In Singapore, it is common practice to engage a Kadi/Imam (also known as the registrar) to carry out the proceedings of the solemnization.

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Wedding - The Proceedings

Before the actual Akad Nikah, the Kadi/Imam will then give a short sermon in highlighting the importance of marriage in Islam and also reminding both the bride and groom on their responsibilities of being a married couple. The Mahr (dowry), also known as the Mas Kahwin is a gift from the groom to the bride during the solemnization. The purpose of the Mahr is to show honour and respect given to the bride in entering a marriage. It indicates the responsibility that a man is entering a marriage with a form of obligation on his end. In Singapore, the value of the Mahr has to hold a value of a minimum $100. This is the only compulsory gift (dowry) requirement in a Muslim marriage. The Akad Nikah is the only and most significant event in a Muslim marriage. This is when the father (Wali) of the bride, hands over his responsibilities in caring for her daughter to the groom. This includes protecting her honour, dignity, ensuring that her basic needs, such as clothing, food and shelter are taken care of.

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The sermon was specially delivered in English by Naib Kadi, Hassan Bin Salim, for the convenience of all our non-Malay and Arabic speaking viewers.

Wedding - Chinese Tea Ceremony
Wedding - Chinese Tea 1

Right after solemnization, we made our way to Herald’s cosy home for the Chinese Tea Ceremony. The tea ceremony is an age-old tradition that every Chinese couple goes through when they wed. The tea ceremony represents an expression of gratitude for our families for their love given growing up.

It was during this time that Sha was touched by a handmade gift by Amanda, Herald’s sister.

So much so, that she could not hold back her tears.  

Wedding - Chinese Tea 2

It also mattered a great deal to us that Herald’s grandfather managed to be present despite his failing health. 

Wedding - Chinese Tea 3

So many smiles, laughter and tears present, forever etched in our hearts.

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Wedding - The Reception Video
Wedding - The Reception
Wedding - Reception 1

Our parents. They’re the most important people in our lives. May Allah (SWT) ﷲسبحانه و تعالى  grant them only the best in this life and the hereafter, In shaa Allah ان شاء الله .

Wedding - Reception 2
Wedding - Reception 3

Herald was an officer back in the day and we decided that a military march in would be nice to have and that’s what we did!

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Wedding - Reception 7

Fariz, Sha’s younger brother serenading us with his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

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Wedding - Reception 17

It was a beautiful and extremely meaningful day for us to be surrounded by loved ones. We cannot be more grateful and we ask Allah (SWT) ﷲسبحانه و تعالى for His blessings and mercy in continuing this journey as husband and wife, In shaa Allah ان شاء الله .

Wedding - Our Beautiful Day
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